First Digital World Mausoleum​

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Cooperation models for businesses

Support the world´s largest, real-time database of those who are no longer with us.

The particularly valuable and unique sociological service offered by IMMACULATE PEOPLE will make it the largest database in history of those who are no longer with us which will evolve from within the Internet itself by keeping abreast of the latest technologies, always managing the volume, scope, and speed of crossed-referenced metadata.

Immaculate People para empresas

Global Inclusive, and Multicultural

A worldwide archive that is respectful towards all creeds, religions, and faiths

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Democratic and free

Anyone in the world can write, free of charge, the obituary of their beloved ones, or configure a personal message to be sent to their family and friends once they have passed.

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IMMACULATE PEOPLE is committed to free access to humanity´s collective memory.

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Caring and Supportive

IMMACULATE PEOPLE collaborates with NGOs and displays kindness and compassion for those who, regardless of their origin and background, have passed away or are in need. Whatever its origin.

Benefits for humanitarian organizations

Immaculate People

Sales and Leads

By being listed in our business directory, you will attract new clients thanks to conversion marketing.

Immaculate People

Branding and Prestige

This project is based on solidarity and transparency, two essential and defining values for any company of this kind.

Posicionamiento Local

Local Positioning

The portal will establish a liaison between customers wishing to purchase products or hire services to honor the memory of their lost ones and the local businesses and companies which provide them.

Big Data


You can have access to the world´s largest database gathered in a single inbox and to our userbase.

Cooperation models for businesses


Immaculate People

Your business on special and prominent spots with direct links to your products and/or services.

Contextualized Advertising

Immaculate People

Your business will be seen by geolocalized users listed in our partners´ directory

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Privacy Policy

Who processes your data?


Why do we process your data?

We process your data to provide you with the services that IMMACULATE PEOPLE offer. + information

What is the legitimacy of this data processing?

These data are needed for the provision of those services requested through our website- + information

Will there be any assignment or transfer of the rights to process my data?

The processing of your data will not be assigned or transferred to third parties. + information

What are my rights?

You may exercise the following rights:
Access, correction, suppression, data portability, limit data processing, and not to be the object of automated, individualized decisions. + information

Will my data be used for profiling and segmentation?

IMMACULATE PEOPLE will not employ any profiling technique with your data. + information

Any questions?

Whether you have any suggestions or if you want to unsubscribe, contact us by sending an email to the following address    or by phone number: 00 34 664 83 30 40 + information