First Digital World Mausoleum​

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The First Digital World Mausoleum

A modern and visionary take on how we protect and honor the memory of those who we love, admire, and respect, but are no longer with us

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Global Inclusive, and Multicultural

A worldwide archive that is respectful towards all creeds, religions, and faiths

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Democratic and free

Anyone in the world can write, free of charge, the obituary of their beloved ones, or configure a personal message to be sent to their family and friends once they have passed.

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IMMACULATE PEOPLE is committed to free access to humanity´s collective memory.

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Caring and Supportive

IMMACULATE PEOPLE collaborates with NGOs and displays kindness and compassion for those who, regardless of their origin and background, have passed away or are in need. Whatever its origin.

Our community says

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Support your Immaculate People

Support your immaculate people
Your legacy at Immaculate People

Look into you genealogical roots or leave your own legacy for posterity

Support us

As the world´s first digital mausoleum we are committed to offering a free service to the community as a whole thanks to our sponsors and partners

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User area

By using the services offered by our sponsors and partners you are supporting this project

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Business area

To become a sponsor or a partner, please check our sponsors and partners page and find out what you need to do to be part of, and support, IMMACULATE PEOPLE

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NGOs area

Our project is based on solidarity and that is why we work in tandem with non-governmental and humanitarian organizations Please check our collaboration programs with organizations.